Special Needs Referral

U4C’s Resource and Referral helps families locate and select child care best meeting their unique needs.  Families may contact U4C by phone (314-531-1412), online or walk-in, and receive customized consumer education materials and referrals to child care programs.

All families have their own special circumstances, including parent work or school schedules, the family budget, and what works best for their children.  Our Resource and Referral service works in partnership with families to assist them in navigating the array of options and assessing the health, safety and quality indicators in programs that every parent wants in place for their child.

Specialized referral and support services are available for families whose children have special needs to locate inclusive child care…programs that are dedicated to giving the best early education to ALL children, including children with disabilities or special needs.  U4C inclusion consultants work with all child care programs to  improve the quality and availability of inclusive places for children, with a special focus on teaching strategies to build social-emotional competencies and reduce challenging behavior in the classroom.

U4C’s work with the Strengthening Families model acknowledges and builds upon the strengths of families, through education to parents, early childhood programs and community-based practitioners.  The Strengthening Families model identifies the inherent strengths of each family and promotes the necessary, practical tools on effective partnerships with families on protective factors that improve well-being of children.  Why is Strengthening Families important?  When strong, healthy families can provide for their needs and provide a safe, loving environment for their children, and our community creates opportunities for them to succeed, we all benefit.


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