Join Forces with United 4 Children!

United 4 Children has been working to educate and support professionals in the St. Louis area for over 40 years.  You are invited to become an affiliate.

United 4 Children offers two types of Affiliation with our organization:

Comprehensive Affiliation

Professional Affiliation

Comprehensive Affiliation

Comprehensive Affiliation is open to child care programs who are seeking professional development support via onsite services (Goal setting, administrative planning, consultation, workshops, classroom observations, Environment Rating Scales, mock accreditation walk through, feedback sessions, coaching, online social networking coaching, family education sessions, CDA staff coaching, and technical assistance).  Service delivery is chosen by the program as part of the goals they set for the year, individualized based on program needs and supported by quality consultants. Services are delivered during the affiliation year, September 1 through August 31.

Each program receives ten units of service.  Onsite individual consultation (Goal setting, administrative planning, consultation, classroom observations, Environment Rating Scales, mock accreditation) translates to one unit per one hour onsite.  The exception to this rule is onsite program workshop delivery:  since workshops take extra time to research, prepare materials, deliver, and process, 2.5 units are deducted for each one workshop hour.

Programs may choose: Two 2-hour workshops, two environment rating scales, or a combination of services.

The actual cost to provide onsite services to a Comprehensive Affiliate program is $3,000.00.  This cost is underwritten through the generous support of the United Way and United 4 Children so that programs pay a fraction of the actual cost and receive quality professional support from highly qualified consultants.  As a result, there are a limited number of spaces available in this program so it is recommended that you secure your affiliation in August.

Download and complete the Affiliation Form (Adobe PDF)

Click here  if paying by credit card for Comprehensive Affiliation

Professional Affiliation

Professional Affiliation is open to child care providers, classroom teachers, students, social workers, mental health professionals, and direct service professionals working with children and their families who are seeking support and partnership with United 4 Children.  The affiliation year runs for one year from the time you enroll and submit payment.

By becoming a Professional Affiliate you are partnering with an agency that has been supporting child care providers and professionals for over 40 years.  As part of your professional development growth it is expected that you should join a professional early childhood organization. United 4 Children can provide this quality affiliation through this membership.

Additional onsite consultation is available at reduced rates which may include individual observation and follow-up, professional development and coaching, and CDA coaching support.

The cost is underwritten through the generous support of the United Way and United 4 Children.

Download and complete the Professional Affiliation Form (Adobe PDF)

Click here  if paying by credit card for Professional Affiliation

To become an affiliate, you may complete one of the above PDF forms for the affiliation you are seeking and send via US mail with your payment to:

United 4 Children
4236 Lindell Blvd., Suite 300
St. Louis, Missouri 63018

You may also pay via credit card by calling 314.531.1412 x 66.

To view the United 4 Children Training Catalog click here.

For questions or to schedule a training from the catalog, please complete the form by filling in the information below and e-mailing to Anita Stover at or fax to 314-531-4184.  A seperate form must be completed for each training.


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